Some things to think about around mobile development

Just in case you did not know about this, there is a “moving” weekly blog post called “Carnival of the Mobilists” (here is this weeks) that links up what the author thinks are the best posts around mobile in the past week.

One of the posts had already caught my eye – App Store Marketing, as it is very relevant to anyone intenting to develop (and attempt to sell) a mobile application.
The other post that I thought might be worth mentioning was this one on mobile social gaming, as at least some of the people who have signed up are interested in this.

And a third one, not on the mobilists post is 8 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2009, 2010 (although they all seem obvious to me.

And last but not least is James Whatley‘s idea that in 2009 conversation will be king

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    Thanks for the link love man! 🙂

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