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Help with a short survey

Ewan MacLeod over on Mobile Industry Review is asking mobile developers to take a short survey. Even if you don’t take part in the survey, the results are bound to be interesting. Advertisements

Starting to plan for the next one

Hi folks, Well we are starting to think about the next event, so tell us what we got right and what was wrong or where we could do better. All comments and ideas greatfully recieved.

MobileDevCamp happening at NextWeb in Amsterdam

Announced here There is a chance to win a Nokia 5800 in the Hackathon, whihc is another excellent reason to go

Some pictures from the event

Agenda updated

we have now confirmed the latest speakers. Details of the speakers are below. Topic: Developing Android/iPhone game Bio: Niklas Wahrman has a few years experience working with developing mobile phone games and has been involved with titles such as Constantine, Superman: Lex Luthor’s Payback and Crank. He’s a passionate independent developer who recently released his […]

Potential sessions for the BarCamp part of the program?

Some more blog posts that have appeared over the past few days, that could provide some interesting sessions during the BarCamp portion of the agenda. Then again, they might not, if all the questions they raise have already been answered. Remeber it is up to you, the attendees to decide what sessions will take place, […]