Thank you everyone for yesterday.

Thanks everyone, hope you all enjoyed the day, and maybe see you next year.

Of course we need to thank the speakers, who all managed to deliver their talks within the allocated time (makes it so much easier to keep things sort of on track!), and who all delivered interesting and different talks (or at least I thought so).

Thanks also to the competition judges;
Manfred from Samsung (although in the end on-one actually built something to show Manfred),
Claudio and Maksim from AndroidAalto (who had the tough job of judging between their friends)
Attila Csipa (who judged the Qt category, which had the most polished apps at the end of the 48 hours ),
Teemu Kurppa (who also had an easy day as it seems the iApp hype has died down, or is it that all the iDevs are too busy?)
Lari Tuominen of Qvik, who looked at the Windows Phone 7 entry (which was the most impressive achievement, 6 hours from nothing to working app, with no experience of the platform)

and last but certainly not least, a big thanks to all of the sponsors for enabling this years event
Samsung and their bada platform
Forum Nokia
Windows Phone


Thanks to those that braved the cold and came to the forests of Espoo

Although the Aalto Venture Garage is only 10 minutes from Kamppi by bus and surrounded by offices of the biggest names in Finnish Industry, for many it seems it might as well be on the other side of the moon 🙂

Those that did not brave the cold and the short bus ride, missed

  • testing that the Nexus S can read the HSL bus pass (oh, and it is call Near Field Communication for a reason, it only reads across short distances)
  • free drinks and pizza (thanks to our generous sponsors this year, we had a bit of extra budget for this evening)
  • an introduction to programming on windows phone 7
  • a chilled evening of hanging out with fellow developers

For those that asked where we came up with the idea/theme of this years competition (Communication and/or Journalism), it was that the uutisraivaaja competition deadline is fast approaching, so even if you don’t win here at MobileDevCamp you can continue to develop the app and try again there.

If you build your app using Qt, then the deadline for the Cute Qt competition over at Travelling Salesman has been extended, so you could also enter that.

At the end of his session, Jani promised to provide some links.
I just got them via email, so here they are;
To get up to speed with Windows Phone 7 development, follow these links:

Free Windows Phone 7 developer tools download

Windows Phone 7 Training Kit for Developers

Getting Started with Windows Phone

App Hub, the place to submit applications and get more information

GPS emulator for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Programming in C# training course

Rules for the 2011 competition

You have 48 hours to build an application based around the theme of “Communication and/or Journalism” in one of the five categories;
* bada
* Qt – one or more of Symbian, MeeGo or Maemo
* Microsoft Phone 7
* Android
* iOS

The judges will be looking at (these have different weights and are in no specific order);-

** Freshness of the idea
are rating how new the idea is to you (i.e. when you got the idea, last year or last week), AS WELL as if it is similar to an existing app (i.e. we slightly punish coping existing apps that exist on another platform)
** use of bleeding edge tech
the more blood and screaming the better!
** implementation
i.e. is it a flawless working app ready for the store or does it crash 4 times out of 5 when started up. Although there is a slight benefit if the crash is really spectacular
** length of time spent coding on the platform
we are rewarding n00bs and punishing grey beards! The idea is to encourage you to try new platforms (and reward you for doing so!)
** your general coding experience
again there is a slight benefit for the less experienced)

NOTE: You do not need a physical handset to enter the competition, but you do need a running demo. Demos on a device a slightly favoured

On Saturday, you can fill-in a judging form (you can find them where you pick up your name badge)
Then find the appropriate Judge for your category and he/she will then write a score for your application on the sheet and sign it.
Once that is done, bring the sheet to Mike in the main auditorium, you have until 16:40 on Saturday (Generous souls that we are we have given you an extra 10 minutes 🙂 ). When you hand me the form, I will also take a short video of the app running.

Social Media tags we use and track #mdchel11

We are using #mdchel11 as the supper short version from character limited services (like twitter)

Feel free to use this shorter one in other places, but I think it makes more sense to use the longer tag #MobileDevCampFI in places like Flikr etc. that do not have character limitations.

Mobile Dev Camp will be bigger and better!

Inspired by our keynote speaker, Tomi “Mobile Stats” Ahonen I just had a quick look at some statistics from previous years and it looks like this year we will have bigger event than previous years. Following are some stats from our Facebook pages. And before someone comments I know that facebook RSVP do not usually show the truth. This is not the first event I’m doing 😉 With Mobile Dev Camp the correlation is stronger than with many other events. That’s why I feel confident writing this blog post.

97 attending
94 maybe attending

Official estimate of attendees: 100

156 attending
121 maybe attending

Official estimate of attendees: 200

2011 (3 days before the event)
176 attending
116 maybe attending

Target attendees: 250-300

Interesting detail is that this year we have less people “maybe attending” than last year and more attending. Perhaps people are getting more familiar with Mobile Dev Camp and know what to expect. We will have a great event once more with great hacking competition.

See you on Thursday and Saturday

Some hints to help you win big in the Competition

As the date for MobileDevCamp2011 is fast approaching (it’s next Saturday for those keeping count), we thought it would be a good idea to drop some hints that could help you win prizes that are available on Saturday.

First tip – DON’T build an iApp!
The winners of the iOS category last year ended up waiting for a pretty long time to recieve their prize(thanks to Apple for taking so long to release in Finland!)
Also, last year the iOS category had the stiffest competition with around 7 enteries for just the one prize!

Second tip – take advantage of the Thursday evening workshop and see just how far you can get in just a couple of hours with a new toolchain.
Use the time to experiment with another platform like bada, Nokia’s Qt Quick and QML, Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Third tip – if you can, install and configure the tools before Thursday

Forth tip – If you build something worthwhile or useful using Qt Quick and/or QML there is a good chance for it to be promoted in the Ovi store!

Fifth Tip – Try to have fun, this is in your spare time remember 🙂

Some timing information for this year

so with around a week left before the event, and everyone now having seen all the keynotes from this years MWC, it is about time we let you know some more details of the times.

On Thursday, we will announce the detailed rules of this years competition at 16:00.
We will then be at Aalto Venture Garage from 17:00 (5 PM) until at least 20:00, but if there is still interest it should be possible to continue later.
The idea for Thursday is to meet up and spend some time hackling on stuff, meeting other devs and swapping hints and tips.

On Saturday, the doors at Arcarda will open at 10:30.
The program for the main stage will start at 11:15. The main stage programme will conclude at 18:30 (don’t worry there are breaks and thanks to our generous sponsors there is also a lunch provided in the middle of the programme).

Well, THAT was some announcement

In case you were disconnected from the Intardwebs since Friday, you may have noticed that Nokia moved the goalposts a touch.

We are busy chasing everyone to see how or if they want to change their title or content, before we make the announcement of the program (to be as fair as possible).
In the meanwhile, you might want to sign up for the Windows Phone7 class.

Want some free hands-on training for Windows Phone 7?

One of our sponsors Microsoft has arranged for a one of their top trainers Jani Järvinen to come and give an introduction hands-on workshop.

Jani describes it as:

Want to develop for something new? Try Windows Phone 7!

Windows Phone 7 devices started appearing in Finland in November 2010, and during these brief months, there has been a lot of interest in developing applications for this new platform. I’ve been working with different mobile platforms and their development tools, but find the tools Windows Phone 7 platform uses to be well integrated. Shortly put, the experience is smooth.

As an additional benefit, I can directly utilize the .NET based code – for instance written with C# – written for other solutions in my mobile applications. For many different application types, the main technology for Windows Phone 7 applications is Silverlight. You might have heard the name when it comes to web technologies, too.

If you are focusing on game development, try XNA. XNA is Microsoft’s .NET based game development framework that is suitable for writing games for not only the Windows Phone 7 platform, but also the PC and the Xbox 360. You can share your C# code between all these platforms, and develop to all these three pieces of hardware simultaneously.

If you are interested in Windows Phone 7 development with .NET and Visual Studio + Expression Blend, be sure to visit Microsoft’s workshop space, especially since this is the first time you can try the phones hands-on.

If you are ready for a new technical challenge, be sure to try Windows Phone 7 development!

Please sign-up for the facebook event so we have some idea of how many people are going to attend the session.

Latest Speaker – Tomi Ahonen

So we have our next confirmed speaker on the list – Tomi Ahonen.

Tomi is internet famous for his blog posts of almost biblical length which are frequently an analysis of market number announcements and also his semi-frequent twitter storms 🙂

Actually, we chatted with Tomi when we met at MindTrek and asked him what he thought he could do for a more technical/developer focused audience, and he was very excited for the opportunity to talk about real examples of how developers/small enterprises had made money in recent years (not just iApps 🙂 )