Monthly Archives: November 2009

A couple of hints as to the day’s themes

As the day is approaching and we are making progress with the speakers, we thought we would start to give some hints as to what we would be concentrating on this year at the event. As part of this, this article on how the methods used for development on the iPhone currently is it’s own […]

Outline for MobileDevCamp2010 is coming together

So, we have listened to all of the feedback we have received so far, and as we are now making progress with the plans for the day,we wanted to let you know what the current situation is. Most importantly, we will be starting a little later this time (no-one wants to get up early on […]

Help with a short survey

Ewan MacLeod over on Mobile Industry Review is asking mobile developers to take a short survey. Even if you don’t take part in the survey, the results are bound to be interesting.

Another event if you can’t wait

This Saturday (7th November 2009) there is an open event happening at Hub Helsinki, Open Web Camp Helsinki The aim of the event is to gather people togeather to work towards improving open web standards (OpenId, Oauth, PubSubHubbub etc). The signup is via this Facebook event. You can learn more about it via the Wiki […]