Monthly Archives: February 2009

Some pictures from the event

Thanks to everyone who attended for making it such a great event

A big thank you to the sponsors who made this event possible, and to the speakers who provided such interesting talks. The BarCamp and Hackathon sessions in the afternoon took a little while to get going but once they did, the participants all got a lot out of them. In particular, it was really impressive […]

Last couple of links to look at before the big day…

First, have you checked out who else is attending via the sign up lists on the facebook event and linked-in? Probably worth familiarising yourself with who says they are coming and see who you know, or whose name seems familiar. And now for some more links that have appeared over the last few days. Over […]

More about the Hackathon

Over on the FaceBook event page wall, a question was asked what is the platform for the Hackathon?. In case it is not 100% clear, you are free to develop on any platform; iPhone, Android, Symbian, Maemo, OpenMoko, Qt, Palm Pre, Mobile Python, Java etc. As was mentioned here, we have allocated space at the […]

Network access at the event

Due to the generous sponsorship of Nebula we hope to have enough bandwidth on the day. The exact details of how the network is configured will be detailed on the day (as details are still being finalised) If you want to use a wireless connection, Vanha has one available (but remember that will be shared […]

Hackathon update

We are working on an exciting announcement around the hackathon, stay tuned

Agenda updated

we have now confirmed the latest speakers. Details of the speakers are below. Topic: Developing Android/iPhone game Bio: Niklas Wahrman has a few years experience working with developing mobile phone games and has been involved with titles such as Constantine, Superman: Lex Luthor’s Payback and Crank. He’s a passionate independent developer who recently released his […]

Potential sessions for the BarCamp part of the program?

Some more blog posts that have appeared over the past few days, that could provide some interesting sessions during the BarCamp portion of the agenda. Then again, they might not, if all the questions they raise have already been answered. Remeber it is up to you, the attendees to decide what sessions will take place, […]