Monthly Archives: October 2010

want to see the latest mobile tech in action?

If the answer to that question is yes, then follow the progress of Kristoffer “Travelling Salesman” Lawson, and see how he is getting on with the Windows Phone 7 Series handset he has on loan from Microsoft. Check the itinerary to find out when Kristoffer will be near-by with the handset (at the early events […]

Need an incentive to practice for the next great MDC competition?

So, it has been 6 months since you last looked at cutting some code for a mobile device in a competitive environment (this assumes it was at MDC2010 😉 )? Feeling a bit rusty? Check out this post where Nokia announces a new competition in association with the Travelling Salesman adventure. It’s pretty easy. In […]

MDC heads to Mindtrek

So me and Kai will be heading to MindTrek at the end of this week, if you are there and see us come and say Hi, and tell us what a great job we did. On Thursday there is a whole track dedicated to “New Mobile Ecosystem” (check the rest of the programme here). If […]