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Hack-a-thon this weekend

So, AaltoES has once again decided to organise a Build It this time around the theme of great phone cameras.   You can get tickets for Build It with Nokia Lumia 1020 at that link. As you might be able to tell form the link, there will be some folks from Nokia

One day hack-a-thon with Jolla

So the folks at Jolla wanted to put on a day where they met and hacked on stuff with folks interested in their platform from the community. We are putting this on in co-operation with the MeeGo Finland and Helsinki Qt communities. Sign up for the event here

Rough agenda for the day

We have secured the first speaker, Otto Virta from Both of the active mobile developer communities have volunteered to put on a “mini-hack-a-thon” during the afternoon. So you have an opportunity to meet both Android Aalto and Windows Phone Aalto Community

Social Media tags we use and track #mdchel11

We are using #mdchel11 as the supper short version from character limited services (like twitter) Feel free to use this shorter one in other places, but I think it makes more sense to use the longer tag #MobileDevCampFI in places like Flikr etc. that do not have character limitations.

Well, THAT was some announcement

In case you were disconnected from the Intardwebs since Friday, you may have noticed that Nokia moved the goalposts a touch. We are busy chasing everyone to see how or if they want to change their title or content, before we make the announcement of the program (to be as fair as possible). In the […]

so how did we do on the day?

thanks to all the sponsors for making the event possible. A big thank you also to the presenters, panelists, workshop room hosts and competition judges. Now, let us know in the comments what was good and what we could do better.

See you tomorrow at Arcarda

So with under 24 hours to go we are all ready for you. Check the Venue page for how to get to Arcada (its a big building, and we will have posters/signs to help you find the entrance) Oh and one small change, Göran Ericsson had a last minute emergency so his college Vladimir Katardiev […]

Some interesting links post MWC

Now that Mobile World Congress is over, a couple of links around some interesting points over the last few days. But first, 20 key trends from Mobile World Congress 2010 oh, and some interesting Finnish companies were there as well Tomi Ahonen gave a short post (for once) on the top 25 mobile companies by […]

The main stage agenda – finally in BETA!

We have gone all retro and stuff and are applying the BETA label to our agenda, as there is still possibilities of changes even though we are only 7 days away from THE mobile event of the year (at least for Developers ) Agenda 10.30-11.15 Registration and Breakfast 11.15-11.30 Welcome 11.30-12.15 Nokia feat. Qt – […]

Microsoft Mobile – Hints and Tips

The first place to go for getting the low-down on what’s hot & cool in the world of Windows Mobile is to visit the Windows Phone home page. The getting started guide for WindowsMobile 6.5 can be found here. Of course no-one will read that, so the thing you need to download is the Developer […]