Hack-a-thon this weekend

So, AaltoES has once again decided to organise a Build It this time around the theme of great phone cameras.


You can get tickets for Build It with Nokia Lumia 1020 at that link. As you might be able to tell form the link, there will be some folks from Nokia

thanks for yesterday!

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday.
Of the 140 tickets “sold” we had 70 people turn up */which considering the beautiful weather we were competing against is really good!)

And we need to say a huge thank you to the sponsors who made the event possible.
Once all the speakers have their slides online, we will publish an update with links, so keep an eye out for that!

See you all tomorrow

so, last minute changes!

The guys who were going to do the amzaing live coding and deployment demo using Microsoft technologies, unfortunately fell ill, so wont make it.
At the last minute, Matti Dahlbom stepped up and will be showing us some amazing demos on mobiles.

There has also been a couple of other last minute timing changes.
Oh, and due to some last minute deals, we can announce that for those interested we will offer a couple of “free” drinks in the evening at restaurant Tiger VIP from 21:00 until 22:00 (great chance to see what the VIP louge looks like from inside if you have not been!)

Thanks to everyone for registering, and don’t forget to use #mdc13 as the hashtag for the day

and the theme for the competition this year is…

drum-roll please
Light & Dark

So what can you come up with by 14:00 on Saturday?

We will use a highly sophisticated, completely biased, judging system to find a winner.
Criteria include, but are not limited to;
– how experienced a developer you are (so if you have years under your belt, you need to do something harder than someone who started last year)
– how cool the app looks
– single person or a team (a team entry really needs to rock the judges world!)
– emulator only on actually on the device
– can it crash the phone?

Build it by Saturday, when we will announce the judges you need to impress, and then show it to them

Designers and agile developers working together and a demo effect?

So, we have confirmed a couple more of the slots in the agenda.

Idean will come and explain how they merge the workflow of their designers with their agile development teams.

And to ensure that we have some true technical content, AppGyver, will come and show their latest tool working *LIVE* (so I’m fully prepared for the infamous demo effect to also appear 😉 )

First Speakers and another reason to think about entering the coding competition

So today we got the great news that the first of the speakers have confirmed their topics and participation!

First up Antti Pasila from Kiosked will tell us about how Kiosked sees “Content & Media Monetization”

And frequent speaker Elias Pietila from Qvik will bring us a brand new talk on the cool stuff that he has found is working today and the over hyped stuff that does not (so we can all laugh and point!)

KiskoLabs will come and tell us about the Open Device Lab they host (and a bit about web app testing)

We also have asked a couple of guys who have been known to “give good demo” to come and show us how the latest versions of the Microsoft tools allow automatic full cross browser compatibility (so no chance of demo effect there then 😀 )

Oh, and as an extra incentive to not sleep on Friday night, Apple have told us that if we get something really impressive in the Hack-a-thon competition they have a nice box for us to award 😉

Stay tuned for more news about speakers and the competition!
If you are interesting in coming, register here

just 48 hours to build something cool?

I have got some things from Nokia to award to the best entries this year!

As in previous years we will once again run the 48 hour coding challenge for MDC2013.
On Thursday the 7th March at 14:00 we will post this years theme, and that gives you just 48 hours to build something cool based on the theme and bring it to show to our judges on the Saturday.

No restrictions on the platform, really, anything goes; Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Sailfish, BB10,
Points are awarded for doing something cool, making it look good, having it work on a device etc.
Points deducted for being supper experienced on that platform, only running on the emulator etc.

We might be able to secure some other prizes if someone comes up with something really cool, but it is more an opportunity for you to show off your coding skills (and earn some bragging rights!)

More details when we announce the theme.

And MDC2013 is GO!

for those keeping an eye on the site you may have noticed some changes.
That is us getting ready for *THE* event for mobile developers in Finland.

While we work on the details, the date is set, Saturday 9th March, so mark your calendars.

Once again we will have great keynotes, a 48 hour hacking competition, and give you plenty of chances during the day to catch up with old (and new) friends.
So start spreading the word.

Outline plan for the Hack-a-thon

So, late breaking news about who will be there and what will happen.

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen: “Jolla Developer Story” with live coding session and short UI demo

Stefano Mosconi: “What is Jolla and why should you care”

The “hacking” time can be used to start things like building the SDK, setting up Qt Creator and VM, using the Mer Platform SDK etc.
Reto Zingg and Valério Valério will assist with the session.

Lets do live updates and discussions on #jollamobile on freenode

The Agenda for the day:
Err, it’s a hack-a-thon, just turn up and hack 🙂

11.00 Doors open
11.15 Welcome!
18.00 – End of the event.

One day hack-a-thon with Jolla

So the folks at Jolla wanted to put on a day where they met and hacked on stuff with folks interested in their platform from the community.

We are putting this on in co-operation with the MeeGo Finland and Helsinki Qt communities.

Sign up for the event here