Change of venue

We ran into some challenges to get a working WiFi system at Haaga-Helia, so rather than ask everyone to bring their 3G equipped laptops (and then watch the Pasila base stations collapse under the load!), we have moved to a new venue, which have assured us that they have working WiFi. is now taking place at Arcada. You can see the location on a map here

Although it is a little out from the down-town area, as this is popular student area, there are all the facilities required on a Saturday including an Alko.

As this is a new venue, here is a Route planner for how to get there. Oh and here it is as a link for the mobile version šŸ™‚
The Arcada contact page also lists the various methods for getting there.
Arcada have also made their car park available for those who wish to drive to the event, so depending on the snow fall (which can eat a few places!) there will be up to 50 spaces available for cars on the day.

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