2010 Agenda

In the future we will have more devices and more platforms that we have to develop mobile services for.

Cross platform development is one of the key drivers when developing mobile services in the future. With the iPhone we have seen the number of mobile applications explode. Will the future of mobile internet be inside the browser or applications?

Come listen and talk about these subjects in Mobile Dev Camp Helsinki 2010. Event for startups and technology companies, developers and business people.

Main Stage

We have gone all retro and stuff and are applying the BETA label to our agenda, as there is still possibilities of changes even though we are only 7 days away from THE mobile event of the year (at least for Developers )

10.30-11.15 Registration and Breakfast, sponsored by Ericsson
11.15-11.30 Welcome
11.30-12.15 Nokia feat. Qt – Cross-platform application and UI framework (Sami Viitanen)
12:15-12:45 Microsoft Phone 7 Series demo (Vesku Paananen)
12:45-13:00 Break
13.00-13.30 Creative Mobile app design with Python (Jürgen Scheible)
13:30-14:30 Panel: Cross platform development (Moderator: Peter Vesterbacka Panelists: Paul Houghton, Miika Virtanen, Jouni Mannonen)
14:30-15:30 Lunch, sponsored by Nokia + networking
15:30-16:00 Engineering success in the App Store (Jouni Mannonen)
16.00-16.45 Browser as first class app environment- trends and vision (HTML5, JS) (Göran AP Eriksson, Vladimir Katardiev)
16:45-17.00 Break
17.00-18.00 Panel: Is the future of mobile internet in the browser or native applications (Moderator Vesku Paananen, Panelists: Vladimir Katardiev, Teemu Kurppa, Juha Kaunisto, Lauri Piispanen)
18.00-18.30 Announce winner of Mobile Dev Challenge + sum up + Thank you!
18.30-> Party and networking

Workshop Rooms

The workshop rooms give you a chance to dig deeper into the latest mobile technologies. The rooms are manned with different platform experts ready to show you the cool things you can do.

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other developers. You can show what you, your company or your student projects is building at the moment. Honking your own horn is perfectly ok. We all want to see cool stuff.


Comeks is in charge of the Android workshop room. Come and learn from Finland’s topmost Android experts how to get started on Android development. This is also the place to show your awesome Android projects or to find co-developers for your start-up. Anyone is free to do presentations.

The Android workshop room is the best place for Android competition coding as well. Whether you are just starting out or are doing advanced stuff, the Comeks guys can help you. Grab the SDK from here beforehand.


Ericsson Research will show You prototypes for real time push to Android browser, and extensions
allowing the web app to run even if U close the browser. We have been implementing html5-ish stuff
like Websockets and run-the-web-app in the background and are using our own web push prototype.
(have a look at https://labs.ericsson.com/apis/web-connectivity/).

We will share experiences about the work and the details about the realisation.

For those curious about such matters, You will have some Ericsson guys there with experience from
W3C and IETF work with HTML5 stuff and even operator widget runtime initiatives like BONDI and JIL.


Grey Area and Huikea man the iPhone workshop room. Come and listen to short presentations on location based services, game coding on iPhone and user experience or do a presentation yourself. No pre-registration is required, just pick a topic you know about and do it.

If you want to learn about iPhone coding or just need a chill-out space to develop your iPhone competition application, this is the place to be. We have experts on standby during the day ready to help you get started or to assist you if you get stuck. Please download the SDK from Apple beforehand so we don’t kill the network.


It will be worth visiting this workshop space as Microsoft will be bringing along a whole bunch of different technology toys for everyone to play with.
First off, there will be a number of different Windows Mobile 6.5 devices that you can experiment with. Following on from the announcement at MWC of the new Windows Phone 7 Series you will be able to experiment with it on an touch enabled laptop (not quite a handset, but as close as you are likely to get for the next few months)
In addition to this, Microsoft will bring along an Xbox and a Zune hd live to allow you to play with these other parts of the Microsoft stack.

Vesku plans to run some extra competitions in the room for those visiting. Oh and he has convinced one of his friends from Samsung to help out on the day as well.


People from Maemo Devices and Forum Nokia will be present in the Nokia workshop room during the entire event. Come around to ask questions, chat, ask for demonstrations and discuss about topics around the development environment. There won’t be a fixed schedule, but everything around your questions. Showing how to set-up the environment, small code-snippets, how to start developing for Nokia devices etc. The goal is to get the hands on Qt-development for mobile devices and have some fun. For the people who are working on applications for the competition, there will be support for all your questions.
Get the definitive low-down from the Wiki page

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