MDC heads to Mindtrek

So me and Kai will be heading to MindTrek at the end of this week, if you are there and see us come and say Hi, and tell us what a great job we did.

On Thursday there is a whole track dedicated to “New Mobile Ecosystem” (check the rest of the programme here).
If you are not registered yet there is still time :), and find out how the large lady’s vocal cords are with Ari Jaaksi 🙂

The first couple of speakers have put at least a pencil on the papaer, and as soon as we get the ink dry will let you know.

We have started talking with Nokia again, and as they have lots of tech (Symbian, Meego, Qt, Qt Quick, QML, WRT…), we thought we would open the question up, what would you be most interested to see them talk about (and please try to resit and do not ask for things you *KNOW* they are not going to do/answer like “when are you going to Android?” etc!)

And of course if you think of other speakers, or other ideas let us know.

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