And now the slides from this years talks

First up we had Otto Virta who had bravely risen from his sick bed to come and tell us all about how to use the power of HTML 5 to be able to build apps quickly. Slides are online here

Next up was Elias Pietila, who could not quite manage to drop Wooden Labyrinth 3D from his talk ;).
He told us about how brands need to ensure they are engaging with their users and fans. Slides are here

After the break, Hanna told us about MWC 2012, and gave us some tips on how to survive and thrive there. Presentation from here

And to round off the tlaks part of the day we had Stephen Sykes telling us about the technical details of memory management on iOS. Slides from here

A big thank you to all the speakers and attendees of MDC2012

So, that’s us over for another year.

This time there was only around 30 of us, but we got to listen to some really good talks.
I think I got most of it captured on an N8, and all the speakers have agreed to share their slides.

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If you are interested in other tech meetups in the helsinki area, then:
HelsinkiOS for iPhone
HelsinkiJS of Javascript coders
Android Aalto for Android
Windows Phone Aalto Community for Windows Phone
Frontend FI for Front End
IxDA for interaction designers
IGDA – Independent Game Developers Association FI

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Good news everyone…

Once again, Qvik has stepped up and taken action to help the community to not be hungry on the day by sponsoring the event.

If you or your company would like to help out and expand the budget to allow for extra luxuries like soda or maybe even as much as some crisps, then please do get in touch.

Rough agenda for the day

We have secured the first speaker, Otto Virta from

Both of the active mobile developer communities have volunteered to put on a “mini-hack-a-thon” during the afternoon. So you have an opportunity to meet both Android Aalto and Windows Phone Aalto Community

MDC 2012 will be March 17th

So, with MWC (Mobile World Congress) happening this week, and nothing orgnaised so far, I decided to reserve Aalto Venture Garage for Saturday March 17th.
This is a week later than we normally hold MDC, but I wanted to give some of the folks I asked to help out chance to respond!

Signup on the Facebook event page –

We still need sponsors and speakers, so if you can help, drop me a line (mike bradshaw on the service)

MobileDevCamp 2012

So, in case you did not realise, the organising team has shrunk to just me.

There seems to be some interest in doing it this year, so lets see what can happen with short notice.
Drop me a note (email, comment here or twitter) if you are interested in helping out (either via sponsorship or getting this to be an awesome event)

Date change

Were we ambitious or crazy?

Either way, we looked at the calendar and realised that it was just too short a time to put together the event we had thought of.

The new date is November 25th to 27th.
There will also be a “warm-up” event on Wednesday 23rd in the evening, so keep that time free as well πŸ™‚

Hackathon on October 14-16th

So, we got the confirmation and the event is ON!

Bonnier publications is partnering with MDC to run a hackathon.

The core ideas are; to have fun, learn new stuff, meet new people.
Oh, and if you build something that changes the world, that’s a bonus

There will be a “warm-up” event earlier in the week to help teams (designers, developers, product owners etc) form up. The idea being that the team can get some actual productive stuff done on Friday evening rather than spending the whole evening match-making.
This means the team has from Friday early evening/late afternoon until Sunday to work together on their project.

On Saturday afternoon we will have some lightning talks, so that people are encouraged to look up from their screens and then on Sunday afternoon, short demos from the teams. As always, it’s more about what you have achieved, than looking at final products.

You asked, we are attempting to deliver

So, a number of folks have talked to us about setting up a more “hacking” or “doing” type event, and this time of year seems appropriate.
Doing something exactly 6 months after MDC would put it in August (still Holiday season), so we have slid it a bit later in the year.

There are a couple of details waiting to drop into place, and then we will announce the event.
Standby fro more information (hopefully by the end of the week!)

Slides from this year

This year we remembered to ask the speakers to upload their slides somewhere πŸ™‚

So, in the order they were on the main stage, here are PDF’s of the sidesets (titles are links!);
Evolving mobile industry Tomi Ahonen
Angry Birds returns to Mobile Dev Camp, Ville Heijari
bada: The Next Wave, Manfred Bortenschlager
Introduction to mobile development using QtQuick, Attila Csipa
Windows Phone 7 – A different kind of phone, Mika Okkola
Efficient architecture independent apps using Python and QML, Juha Liukkonen
How not to monetize 10 million downloads, Elias PietilΓ€

There are also some videos on bambuser but be warned, the audio is not that great, and there were quite a lot of battery problems early on in the day (Note to self, always have a full battery before streaming stuff!)
If anyone has better quality videos or other media, then please put your links in the comments.

P.S. I know not all the presentations are on here yet, but as we get links we will add them to this post (and tweet about it!).