First Speakers and another reason to think about entering the coding competition

So today we got the great news that the first of the speakers have confirmed their topics and participation!

First up Antti Pasila from Kiosked will tell us about how Kiosked sees “Content & Media Monetization”

And frequent speaker Elias Pietila from Qvik will bring us a brand new talk on the cool stuff that he has found is working today and the over hyped stuff that does not (so we can all laugh and point!)

KiskoLabs will come and tell us about the Open Device Lab they host (and a bit about web app testing)

We also have asked a couple of guys who have been known to “give good demo” to come and show us how the latest versions of the Microsoft tools allow automatic full cross browser compatibility (so no chance of demo effect there then 😀 )

Oh, and as an extra incentive to not sleep on Friday night, Apple have told us that if we get something really impressive in the Hack-a-thon competition they have a nice box for us to award 😉

Stay tuned for more news about speakers and the competition!
If you are interesting in coming, register here

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