Potential sessions for the BarCamp part of the program?

Some more blog posts that have appeared over the past few days, that could provide some interesting sessions during the BarCamp portion of the agenda.
Then again, they might not, if all the questions they raise have already been answered. Remeber it is up to you, the attendees to decide what sessions will take place, so come prepared.

With the release of Latitude by Google, Andrew Scott of Rummble posts an interesting analysis over on Mobile Industry Review.
Having posted this link to the Jaiku channel there followed an interesting discussion (see here)

This post (also written by Andrew Scott but over half a year ago) raises some interesting points. Are they still valid today?

And the point that this post is making gets more relevant by the day, with all the different platforms that are converging on WebKit and Firefox making progress with it’s portable version.

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