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Getting Started with Qt – Don’t fear the native code!

The easy-to-use Qt Application and UI framework not only simplifies C++ development but quickly deploys apps to multiple mobile platforms without rewriting source code. A one page overview of Qt can be found on Forum Nokia Getting started guide is here The latest Qt 4.6 brings full Symbian and Maemo support. In addition, there are […]

Last couple of links to look at before the big day…

First, have you checked out who else is attending via the sign up lists on the facebook event and linked-in? Probably worth familiarising yourself with who says they are coming and see who you know, or whose name seems familiar. And now for some more links that have appeared over the last few days. Over […]

Potential sessions for the BarCamp part of the program?

Some more blog posts that have appeared over the past few days, that could provide some interesting sessions during the BarCamp portion of the agenda. Then again, they might not, if all the questions they raise have already been answered. Remeber it is up to you, the attendees to decide what sessions will take place, […]

Some things to think about around mobile development

Just in case you did not know about this, there is a “moving” weekly blog post called “Carnival of the Mobilists” (here is this weeks) that links up what the author thinks are the best posts around mobile in the past week. One of the posts had already caught my eye – App Store Marketing, […]