Some stuff from MWC

So, as a brief interruption of the “getting started guides for Mobile platforms” series of posts, here are some links around a couple of the big announcements from MWC2010.

First, Microsoft announces the next version of Windows Mobile, called Windows Phone 7 series.

A good summary of it can be found on Joey deVilla’s blog. The long in-depth video requires siverlight as it is hosted on Microsoft’s Channel 9 blog, luckily, Joey has made comprehensive notes of the video.

Another blog compares the new eye candy to Apple’s iPhone and gives Microsoft the edge.
And it seems that there is some debate as to exactly how “multi-tasking” the new version really is, details on the Next Web blog

Next up, Nokia announces that they are partnering with Intel and combining the efforts of Maemo and Moblin to form MeeGo.
The top Nokian of Maemo Ari Jaaksi, announces it on his blog, then follows up with a re-assurance that N900 owners will not be forgotten.
Quim Gil posted an update over on the Maemo Forums, and also on his blog

The folks over at Qt have some details of the announcements of Qt being ported to Maemo5 and a beta of a smart installer for Symbian.
Not to get left behind in the eye candy stakes, I came across this post linking to a *really* cross platform demo app.

Oh, and here is a post titled UI Extensions for Mobile (Orbit) vs. Maemo 6 UI Framework, that goes into deep detail that lost me at least 🙂

If you are wondering how Nokia plans to fit all of their “stuff” together, they have written a 10 page PDF that has lots of diagrams that illustrate how it will all work.
You can download it from here

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