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Hackathon on October 14-16th

So, we got the confirmation and the event is ON! Bonnier publications is partnering with MDC to run a hackathon. The core ideas are; to have fun, learn new stuff, meet new people. Oh, and if you build something that changes the world, that’s a bonus 😉 There will be a “warm-up” event earlier in […]

Want some free hands-on training for Windows Phone 7?

One of our sponsors Microsoft has arranged for a one of their top trainers Jani Järvinen to come and give an introduction hands-on workshop. Jani describes it as: Want to develop for something new? Try Windows Phone 7! Windows Phone 7 devices started appearing in Finland in November 2010, and during these brief months, there […]

Some stuff from MWC

So, as a brief interruption of the “getting started guides for Mobile platforms” series of posts, here are some links around a couple of the big announcements from MWC2010. First, Microsoft announces the next version of Windows Mobile, called Windows Phone 7 series. A good summary of it can be found on Joey deVilla’s blog. […]