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So, the rules of the competition are;

You have 48 hours to build an application for one of the four platforms;

  • Nokia – Qt, Symbian & Maemo
  • Microsoft
  • Android
  • iPhone

The folks over at Nokia have “narrowed” their category down a little, in that the application must; use the Qt Module QNetwork, must have a social web integration and be based around the topic of “outside”.

For the other three categories, there are no specified limitations on what or how to build your entry.

The best iPhone app as judged by Marko Karppinen will win an iPad (once they come out)
The best Microsoft app as judged by Vesku will win a top end Samsung Windows Mobile phone.
The best Android app as Judged by the folks from Comeks will win an Android handset.
Again, Nokia are a little bit different, in that if you build the best Symbian App you will win an N97mini, the best Maemo app will win an N900, but if you build it as a cross platform app, you can win both. The judge(s) for the Nokia section of the competition will be in the Nokia Workshop room.

All the Judges will be easy to spot as we are going to give them nice bright name badges for the day.

The judges will be looking at (these have different weights and are in no specific order);-

  • Newness of the idea (both in terms of your getting the idea and if it is similar to other existing applications)
  • use of bleeding edge tech (the more blood and screaming the better!)
  • time of day demo given (earlier on the day is better)
  • implementation (flawless working demo/Proof of Concept)
  • length of time spent coding on platform (less time is worth more points)
  • general coding experience

NOTE: You do not need a physical handset to enter the competition (although if you do manage to deploy on one it will look better to the judges!)

In addition to the platform specific competitions there is an extra category that you can also be judged on, and that is for the “Business Potential” of the application. There is a separate prize for this.
This will be judged by Artturi Tarjanne of Nexit Ventures

On Saturday, either print out and bring a judging form with you, or collect one on the day.
Once your application is “ready”, find the appropriate judge and pitch them your app (should only take you one or two sentences and will be written on your sheet).
The Judge will then write a score for your application on the sheet and sign it.
Once that is done, bring the sheet to Mike in the main auditorium, you have until 17:00 on Saturday

So, those are the rules.
If you have any questions either post comment here or send us a message on Twitter @mobiledevcampfi

Oh, and in case you have forgotten, here are links for the posts that have links for getting started with the different platforms;
Qt and Maemo

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