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bada – a Vast Ocean of Opportunities

So, bada (always with a small b, apparently) is Samsung’s new mass market platform. Samsung’s vision is that bada is the “Smartphone for Everyone” – from the techy early adopters to the user who just wants a great phone that can run a range of applications. bada exploits the experience and knowledge gained throughout the […]

2010 Speakers

Sami Viitanen Sami works at Forum Nokia as a technical consultant. Currently his main tasks are around technical evangelism related to Nokia’s key developer offerings of technologies like Qt and Web Runtime, and technical support for Forum Nokia developer partners. Previously Sami has worked in the consultancy team of Digia, providing technical training and consulting […]

Getting started with Qt on Maemo

So yesterday, we got the links to get started with cross platform development using Qt, but there here are some Maemo specific resources as a follow-up. Start with Qt-development on Maemo5 by downloading the Qt SDK from here and then MADDE for your system (available for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X). You can create, […]

Getting Started with Qt – Don’t fear the native code!

The easy-to-use Qt Application and UI framework not only simplifies C++ development but quickly deploys apps to multiple mobile platforms without rewriting source code. A one page overview of Qt can be found on Forum Nokia Getting started guide is here The latest Qt 4.6 brings full Symbian and Maemo support. In addition, there are […]

Microsoft Mobile – Hints and Tips

The first place to go for getting the low-down on what’s hot & cool in the world of Windows Mobile is to visit the Windows Phone home page. The getting started guide for WindowsMobile 6.5 can be found here. Of course no-one will read that, so the thing you need to download is the Developer […]

Last couple of links to look at before the big day…

First, have you checked out who else is attending via the sign up lists on the facebook event and linked-in? Probably worth familiarising yourself with who says they are coming and see who you know, or whose name seems familiar. And now for some more links that have appeared over the last few days. Over […]

Network access at the event

Due to the generous sponsorship of Nebula we hope to have enough bandwidth on the day. The exact details of how the network is configured will be detailed on the day (as details are still being finalised) If you want to use a wireless connection, Vanha has one available (but remember that will be shared […]

But I can’t code, can I still come?

Our intent is to create an event for developers to come and share knowledge and experiences. The idea being to learn something new or get something done, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. But developers don’t work in isolation (or at least they should not), they work in collaboration with; Designers, both; User Experience designers […]

More sponsors announced

In case you missed it, we have added some more sponsors for the event (see the sponsors page for more details on the sponsors). Nebula are providing extra bandwidth at the event SomBiz join JoikuSpot in ensuring that there is a venue and food available.