The last prize is received

Receiving an iPad
So with Apple FINALLY releasing the iPad in Finland, Marko was able to give the prize (of an iPad for those that do not remember) to Dennis from Klooni Games

Marko is the Managing Director at MK&C, a 15 person consultancy that specialises in Cocoa Development. This back ground gave him the insight to be both a Judge and to help those that were just getting started (For example, Kristoffer Lawson’s FacePalm idea was built during the afternoon with help from Marko).

KlooniGames is two people currently; Dennis Belfrage (who does the Apple stuff) and Petri Purho (founder, and main developer).
The game that Dennis built for the competition was based on some libraries and concepts that Petri had already built.

The guys explained that the idea behind KlooniGames was to explore new, experimental and interesting game ideas and interaction methods.
They aim to build a rough prototype in approximately one month, then get feed-back from some Alpha testers. If this feedback is positive, the really hard work of making the game user friendly, having good error handling etc starts. This, they said, takes much more time (up to two years!).
As such they are constantly testing new ideas, and asking for feedback. As each game is so different, there is no scientific way to tell if the reaction will be posative, so real user testing is needed.
Their current focus is on desktop/laptop systems as there are just more of those around that can run the prototypes.

One of Petri’s early games Crayon Physics Deluxe, is selling, so they are able to continue the quest to make an awesome game of their own, rather than having to work for someone else just to make a living.

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