Some hints to help you win big in the Competition

As the date for MobileDevCamp2011 is fast approaching (it’s next Saturday for those keeping count), we thought it would be a good idea to drop some hints that could help you win prizes that are available on Saturday.

First tip – DON’T build an iApp!
The winners of the iOS category last year ended up waiting for a pretty long time to recieve their prize(thanks to Apple for taking so long to release in Finland!)
Also, last year the iOS category had the stiffest competition with around 7 enteries for just the one prize!

Second tip – take advantage of the Thursday evening workshop and see just how far you can get in just a couple of hours with a new toolchain.
Use the time to experiment with another platform like bada, Nokia’s Qt Quick and QML, Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Third tip – if you can, install and configure the tools before Thursday

Forth tip – If you build something worthwhile or useful using Qt Quick and/or QML there is a good chance for it to be promoted in the Ovi store!

Fifth Tip – Try to have fun, this is in your spare time remember 🙂

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