Applifier Making Move To Mobile?

Tuomas Rinta, head of R&D
from Applifier is taking part to this years Mobile Dev Camp as one of the speakers. Tuomas will join the panel discussion about monetizing mobile apps. The big question is “how ready is mobile for big business”. Last year one of the companies represented at Mobile Dev Camp was Rovio, who have shown us that they are certainly ready. Applifier has not yet publicly confirmed their plans around mobile but it’s certainly the next logical step for the network. The active involvement with Mobile Dev Camp and public recruitment plans indicate that something is cooking. iOS and Android developers should definitely take a closer look at the open positions .

Applifier is one of the sponsors of Mobile Dev Camp this year. Applifier is a Finnish startup helping Facebook game developers get more traffic and users. Applifier has more than 55 million monthly active users and they have delivered more than 10 million clicks.
Their business idea is pretty simple. Each member of the network embeds strip of advertisements to their game. Strip has 5 slots for advertisements. Every time someone clicks on the add the owner of the game gets free advertisment clicks from the network. Developers who cant earn enough clicks from network can buy clicks. That’s how Applifier makes money.

If you want to find out more, join us on 26th February

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