Thanks to those that braved the cold and came to the forests of Espoo

Although the Aalto Venture Garage is only 10 minutes from Kamppi by bus and surrounded by offices of the biggest names in Finnish Industry, for many it seems it might as well be on the other side of the moon 🙂

Those that did not brave the cold and the short bus ride, missed

  • testing that the Nexus S can read the HSL bus pass (oh, and it is call Near Field Communication for a reason, it only reads across short distances)
  • free drinks and pizza (thanks to our generous sponsors this year, we had a bit of extra budget for this evening)
  • an introduction to programming on windows phone 7
  • a chilled evening of hanging out with fellow developers

For those that asked where we came up with the idea/theme of this years competition (Communication and/or Journalism), it was that the uutisraivaaja competition deadline is fast approaching, so even if you don’t win here at MobileDevCamp you can continue to develop the app and try again there.

If you build your app using Qt, then the deadline for the Cute Qt competition over at Travelling Salesman has been extended, so you could also enter that.

At the end of his session, Jani promised to provide some links.
I just got them via email, so here they are;
To get up to speed with Windows Phone 7 development, follow these links:

Free Windows Phone 7 developer tools download

Windows Phone 7 Training Kit for Developers

Getting Started with Windows Phone

App Hub, the place to submit applications and get more information

GPS emulator for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Programming in C# training course

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