Thank you everyone for yesterday.

Thanks everyone, hope you all enjoyed the day, and maybe see you next year.

Of course we need to thank the speakers, who all managed to deliver their talks within the allocated time (makes it so much easier to keep things sort of on track!), and who all delivered interesting and different talks (or at least I thought so).

Thanks also to the competition judges;
Manfred from Samsung (although in the end on-one actually built something to show Manfred),
Claudio and Maksim from AndroidAalto (who had the tough job of judging between their friends)
Attila Csipa (who judged the Qt category, which had the most polished apps at the end of the 48 hours ),
Teemu Kurppa (who also had an easy day as it seems the iApp hype has died down, or is it that all the iDevs are too busy?)
Lari Tuominen of Qvik, who looked at the Windows Phone 7 entry (which was the most impressive achievement, 6 hours from nothing to working app, with no experience of the platform)

and last but certainly not least, a big thanks to all of the sponsors for enabling this years event
Samsung and their bada platform
Forum Nokia
Windows Phone

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