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Getting Started with Android

And the final post in the series (for completeness) covers Android. The main site is at Developer.android.com. You can pull the SDK from here (please do this before coming to lighten the load on the network at the event!) A good place to ask questions is on StackOverflow, but it is probably wise to at […]

Getting started with Qt on Maemo

So yesterday, we got the links to get started with cross platform development using Qt, but there here are some Maemo specific resources as a follow-up. Start with Qt-development on Maemo5 by downloading the Qt SDK from here and then MADDE for your system (available for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X). You can create, […]

Getting Started with Qt – Don’t fear the native code!

The easy-to-use Qt Application and UI framework not only simplifies C++ development but quickly deploys apps to multiple mobile platforms without rewriting source code. A one page overview of Qt can be found on Forum Nokia Getting started guide is here The latest Qt 4.6 brings full Symbian and Maemo support. In addition, there are […]

Microsoft Mobile – Hints and Tips

The first place to go for getting the low-down on what’s hot & cool in the world of Windows Mobile is to visit the Windows Phone home page. The getting started guide for WindowsMobile 6.5 can be found here. Of course no-one will read that, so the thing you need to download is the Developer […]

iPhone development hints and tips

For those of you who might be interested in starting to develop for the iPhone, here are a couple of things to look at. Here is a first tutorial to get you started. The main Apple page is probably the next place you should probably hit up for more material that could be useful. Note, […]