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Hackathon on October 14-16th

So, we got the confirmation and the event is ON! Bonnier publications is partnering with MDC to run a hackathon. The core ideas are; to have fun, learn new stuff, meet new people. Oh, and if you build something that changes the world, that’s a bonus 😉 There will be a “warm-up” event earlier in […]

Thanks to everyone who attended for making it such a great event

A big thank you to the sponsors who made this event possible, and to the speakers who provided such interesting talks. The BarCamp and Hackathon sessions in the afternoon took a little while to get going but once they did, the participants all got a lot out of them. In particular, it was really impressive […]

More about the Hackathon

Over on the FaceBook event page wall, a question was asked what is the platform for the Hackathon?. In case it is not 100% clear, you are free to develop on any platform; iPhone, Android, Symbian, Maemo, OpenMoko, Qt, Palm Pre, Mobile Python, Java etc. As was mentioned here, we have allocated space at the […]

Hackathon update

We are working on an exciting announcement around the hackathon, stay tuned

more about the second half of the day…

So we were having a discussion the other evening and it seems that there is quite a lot of interest, as well as a lack of knowledge or experience, around the core concepts of a BarCamp style unconference, so here is some more information for you. We are taking one of the main ideas of […]

So what is the idea behind MobileDevCamp.fi?

Building on the success of the two MobileDevCamp‘s held in Amsterdam, we came togeather through a common idea of organising a similar event here in Helsinki. Our plan is to run the first half of the day along more traditional conference lines and organise some excellent speakers who give shortish (approximately 30 minute) presentations around […]