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more about the second half of the day…

So we were having a discussion the other evening and it seems that there is quite a lot of interest, as well as a lack of knowledge or experience, around the core concepts of a BarCamp style unconference, so here is some more information for you. We are taking one of the main ideas of […]

So what is the idea behind MobileDevCamp.fi?

Building on the success of the two MobileDevCamp‘s held in Amsterdam, we came togeather through a common idea of organising a similar event here in Helsinki. Our plan is to run the first half of the day along more traditional conference lines and organise some excellent speakers who give shortish (approximately 30 minute) presentations around […]

Current state of the event

We have our first sponsor – JoikuSpot and are working on getting some more to ensure that this event has no cost for the attendees to ensure the widest possible audience. We have already secured Teemu Kurppa to provide an overview of the current platforms (he gave a similar talk at the recent Slush event). […]

Hello world!

First Post! Seriously, here is where you will find out all about the upcoming mobiledevcamp.fi . Sign-up at the Facebook event or join in the discusion on the Jaiku Channel or send us a message on Twitter. You can email us at Helsinki-organisers and the domain is mobiledevcamp.eu