Last couple of links to look at before the big day…

First, have you checked out who else is attending via the sign up lists on the facebook event and linked-in?
Probably worth familiarising yourself with who says they are coming and see who you know, or whose name seems familiar.

And now for some more links that have appeared over the last few days.
Over on Russell Beattie’s blog a post around what surprised him about the Apple Store
And via Teemu Kurppa on Twitter provides a link to some statistics around how apps do on the App store.
Over on Daring Fireball John Gruber links to a couple of articles that I think could be interesting. One detailing that HTC are responsible for 80% of Windows mobile handsets and also to yet another article on the effects of the Apple App Store. He also points out a post where a potential flaw of OAuth could cause problems for mobile developers, and how it could be fixed. And going back a few days brings up a link to some Palm Pre documentation.

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