Some timing information for this year

so with around a week left before the event, and everyone now having seen all the keynotes from this years MWC, it is about time we let you know some more details of the times.

On Thursday, we will announce the detailed rules of this years competition at 16:00.
We will then be at Aalto Venture Garage from 17:00 (5 PM) until at least 20:00, but if there is still interest it should be possible to continue later.
The idea for Thursday is to meet up and spend some time hackling on stuff, meeting other devs and swapping hints and tips.

On Saturday, the doors at Arcarda will open at 10:30.
The program for the main stage will start at 11:15. The main stage programme will conclude at 18:30 (don’t worry there are breaks and thanks to our generous sponsors there is also a lunch provided in the middle of the programme).

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