Slides from this year

This year we remembered to ask the speakers to upload their slides somewhere 🙂

So, in the order they were on the main stage, here are PDF’s of the sidesets (titles are links!);
Evolving mobile industry Tomi Ahonen
Angry Birds returns to Mobile Dev Camp, Ville Heijari
bada: The Next Wave, Manfred Bortenschlager
Introduction to mobile development using QtQuick, Attila Csipa
Windows Phone 7 – A different kind of phone, Mika Okkola
Efficient architecture independent apps using Python and QML, Juha Liukkonen
How not to monetize 10 million downloads, Elias Pietilä

There are also some videos on bambuser but be warned, the audio is not that great, and there were quite a lot of battery problems early on in the day (Note to self, always have a full battery before streaming stuff!)
If anyone has better quality videos or other media, then please put your links in the comments.

P.S. I know not all the presentations are on here yet, but as we get links we will add them to this post (and tweet about it!).

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