Monthly Archives: February 2010

Some stuff from MWC

So, as a brief interruption of the “getting started guides for Mobile platforms” series of posts, here are some links around a couple of the big announcements from MWC2010. First, Microsoft announces the next version of Windows Mobile, called Windows Phone 7 series. A good summary of it can be found on Joey deVilla’s blog. […]

So, grandma, this is how to suck eggs…

Why have we been giving you the download links for various different platform development tools and associated getting started tutorials over the last couple of days? Well, as some of you might have guessed, once again we will be running a time limited competition during MobileDevCamp. So, because of this, we want you to have […]

Microsoft Mobile – Hints and Tips

The first place to go for getting the low-down on what’s hot & cool in the world of Windows Mobile is to visit the Windows Phone home page. The getting started guide for WindowsMobile 6.5 can be found here. Of course no-one will read that, so the thing you need to download is the Developer […]

iPhone development hints and tips

For those of you who might be interested in starting to develop for the iPhone, here are a couple of things to look at. Here is a first tutorial to get you started. The main Apple page is probably the next place you should probably hit up for more material that could be useful. Note, […]

Change of venue

We ran into some challenges to get a working WiFi system at Haaga-Helia, so rather than ask everyone to bring their 3G equipped laptops (and then watch the Pasila base stations collapse under the load!), we have moved to a new venue, which have assured us that they have working WiFi. is now taking […]

Sponsor update

In case you had not noticed the extra logo, Nexit Ventures has come on board as one of the event sponsors. If you are not aware of them, Nexit Ventures is one of the leading Venture firms in the mobile space, and we are very excited that they are add their viewpoint to the events […]