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Good news everyone…

Once again, Qvik has stepped up and taken action to help the community to not be hungry on the day by sponsoring the event. If you or your company would like to help out and expand the budget to allow for extra luxuries like soda or maybe even as much as some crisps, then please […]

MDC 2012 will be March 17th

So, with MWC (Mobile World Congress) happening this week, and nothing orgnaised so far, I decided to reserve Aalto Venture Garage for Saturday March 17th. This is a week later than we normally hold MDC, but I wanted to give some of the folks I asked to help out chance to respond! Signup on the […]

MobileDevCamp 2012

So, in case you did not realise, the organising team has shrunk to just me. There seems to be some interest in doing it this year, so lets see what can happen with short notice. Drop me a note (email, comment here or twitter) if you are interested in helping out (either via sponsorship or […]

Date change

Were we ambitious or crazy? Either way, we looked at the calendar and realised that it was just too short a time to put together the event we had thought of. The new date is November 25th to 27th. There will also be a “warm-up” event on Wednesday 23rd in the evening, so keep that […]

Hackathon on October 14-16th

So, we got the confirmation and the event is ON! Bonnier publications is partnering with MDC to run a hackathon. The core ideas are; to have fun, learn new stuff, meet new people. Oh, and if you build something that changes the world, that’s a bonus 😉 There will be a “warm-up” event earlier in […]

You asked, we are attempting to deliver

So, a number of folks have talked to us about setting up a more “hacking” or “doing” type event, and this time of year seems appropriate. Doing something exactly 6 months after MDC would put it in August (still Holiday season), so we have slid it a bit later in the year. There are a […]

Thank you everyone for yesterday.

Thanks everyone, hope you all enjoyed the day, and maybe see you next year. Of course we need to thank the speakers, who all managed to deliver their talks within the allocated time (makes it so much easier to keep things sort of on track!), and who all delivered interesting and different talks (or at […]

Thanks to those that braved the cold and came to the forests of Espoo

Although the Aalto Venture Garage is only 10 minutes from Kamppi by bus and surrounded by offices of the biggest names in Finnish Industry, for many it seems it might as well be on the other side of the moon 🙂 Those that did not brave the cold and the short bus ride, missed testing […]

Mobile Dev Camp will be bigger and better!

Inspired by our keynote speaker, Tomi “Mobile Stats” Ahonen I just had a quick look at some statistics from previous years and it looks like this year we will have bigger event than previous years. Following are some stats from our Facebook pages. And before someone comments I know that facebook RSVP do not usually […]

Some timing information for this year

so with around a week left before the event, and everyone now having seen all the keynotes from this years MWC, it is about time we let you know some more details of the times. On Thursday, we will announce the detailed rules of this years competition at 16:00. We will then be at Aalto […]