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Slides from this year

This year we remembered to ask the speakers to upload their slides somewhere 🙂 So, in the order they were on the main stage, here are PDF’s of the sidesets (titles are links!); Evolving mobile industry Tomi Ahonen Angry Birds returns to Mobile Dev Camp, Ville Heijari bada: The Next Wave, Manfred Bortenschlager Introduction to […]

Rules for the 2011 competition

You have 48 hours to build an application based around the theme of “Communication and/or Journalism” in one of the five categories; * bada * Qt – one or more of Symbian, MeeGo or Maemo * Microsoft Phone 7 * Android * iOS The judges will be looking at (these have different weights and are […]

Some hints to help you win big in the Competition

As the date for MobileDevCamp2011 is fast approaching (it’s next Saturday for those keeping count), we thought it would be a good idea to drop some hints that could help you win prizes that are available on Saturday. First tip – DON’T build an iApp! The winners of the iOS category last year ended up […]

Some timing information for this year

so with around a week left before the event, and everyone now having seen all the keynotes from this years MWC, it is about time we let you know some more details of the times. On Thursday, we will announce the detailed rules of this years competition at 16:00. We will then be at Aalto […]

Want some free hands-on training for Windows Phone 7?

One of our sponsors Microsoft has arranged for a one of their top trainers Jani Järvinen to come and give an introduction hands-on workshop. Jani describes it as: Want to develop for something new? Try Windows Phone 7! Windows Phone 7 devices started appearing in Finland in November 2010, and during these brief months, there […]

bada – a Vast Ocean of Opportunities

So, bada (always with a small b, apparently) is Samsung’s new mass market platform. Samsung’s vision is that bada is the “Smartphone for Everyone” – from the techy early adopters to the user who just wants a great phone that can run a range of applications. bada exploits the experience and knowledge gained throughout the […]

Applifier Making Move To Mobile?

Tuomas Rinta, head of R&D from Applifier is taking part to this years Mobile Dev Camp as one of the speakers. Tuomas will join the panel discussion about monetizing mobile apps. The big question is “how ready is mobile for big business”. Last year one of the companies represented at Mobile Dev Camp was Rovio, […]

Have you signed up yet?

So with just over a month to go, have you signed up yet? One change this year is that as a number of people spent quite a lot of time on the day getting their environment up and running, or just trying to figure out the basics of working with the environment, we thought it […]

Your first chance to see bada in Finland

Following what seems to be our tradition of getting briefings for the latest mobile platforms (last year it was Windows Phone 7), this year we have managed to get Samsung to come and tell us about bada. bada: The Next Wave This talk introduces bada and gives an overview over the technical platform as well […]

Planing for MDC3 has started

We have already started to plan for MobileDevCamp3, it will be on 26th Febuary 2011. You can already sign up on the Facebook event here.